Water-Soluble CBD 101

Water-Soluble CBD 101

The water-soluble CBD market is exploding and experts predict that it will only continue to grow in the future. Now is your chance to expand your CBD product line and cash-in on the next biggest trend.

Rapid Growth in the CBD Beverage Market

While consumers are becoming more aware and accepting of CBD as time passes, some are still wary about using certain products like tinctures and vape pens. Unfamiliar appearances and concerns about usage and dosage are some of the many possible deterrents that may cause consumers to avoid CBD even if they believe they could benefit. Even a capsule or tablet can be off putting to certain individuals like those who avoid medication simply because they’re not something they consume on a normal basis.

That’s why many businesses today are turning to water-soluble CBD in order to formulate products that are less intimidating and easier to consume. From widely consumed options that populate grocery store shelves like tea and soda to audience-specific, specially curated goods like cocktails, kombucha, and more, CBD-infused beverages are taking the world by storm.

Here’s everything you need to know about adding water-soluble CBD to your product line.

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is CBD (cannabidiol) that can be mixed into water and other liquids. CBD oil is hydrophobic, which means that it has a tendency to repel water. This makes mixing regular CBD oil into water, and water-based fluids, rather difficult. Water-soluble CBD is nanoencapsulated to make it more hydrophilic (attracted to water) instead of hydrophobic.

While CBD oil may be a good choice for certain goods like lotions and topicals, because it is hydrophobic, it’s usually not the best option for water-based products like beverages. Water-soluble CBD, on the other hand, is an excellent option for formulating CBD teas, sodas, juice, and other tasty beverages that your customers can enjoy.

Water Soluble CBD Bioavailability

Another benefit of water-soluble CBD is its increased bioavailability, or ability to be absorbed by the human body. Water makes up about 55-70% of the average human body (more for men, less for women). Blood plasma, which constitutes 55% of blood fluid, is about 90% water. Making CBD water-soluble makes it easier for the body to naturally absorb.

During manufacturing, water soluble CBD goes through a process of nanoencapsulation. An ultrasonic processing method is used to encapsulate the CBD inside a microscopic structure, which is either a liposome or a micelle.

Liposomes and micelles are amphipathic, meaning they have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Encapsulating the CBD in an amphipathic structure allows it to be emulsified, or evenly distributed in tiny droplets, throughout a liquid. In this way, scientists are able to give CBD oil, which is naturally hydrophobic and water resistant, hydrophilic properties, so it can be absorbed better into the body.

Normally, when CBD oil is ingested, only a limited percentage of it is able to be absorbed by the body. But when it is nanoencapsulated and made water-soluble, more CBD is able to enter your bloodstream. The nanosized particles also allow for greater surface area contact with bodily tissues, which accelerates the rate of absorption. This increased bioavailability makes nanoencapsulated CBD six times more powerful than ordinary CBD oil.

Popularity of CBD Beverages

CBD beverages are gaining popularity everyday. In short, everyone needs to stay hydrated. Beverages are necessary and simple. What’s more, water-soluble CBD beverages look like everyday products that people already consume, which makes them less intimidating and easier to integrate into one’s diet and routine.

From health food stores and coffee shops to convenience stores, restaurants, breweries, and beyond, a number of businesses have chosen to begin selling these trending consumables in an effort to attract new customers and increase revenue.

There’s never been a better time to enter the CBD beverage market.

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