Custom Formulations

We offer full custom research and development to formulate your brand's cannabinoid and wellness products.

Why choose Custom Formulation?

Custom formulation offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses looking to create a truly unique product that perfectly aligns with their brand vision and target audience. Collaborate closely with our product innovation team to develop a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements.

Through in-depth consultations and discussions, our experts understand the brand's objectives, target market, and desired product attributes. Whether it's a specific CBD dosage, a distinct combination of ingredients, or a completely innovative formulation, our custom formulation service ensures that businesses can bring their vision to life.

We empower companies to deliver high-quality, customized wellness products to their customers, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

How does Custom Formulation work?

We define Custom Formulation as a fully customized order, in which you will meet with our product innovation team to develop a product specific for your brand. We take you through a product development process: sourcing the raw ingredients, product testing and formulation, label design, and suggested compliance.

Minimum order quantity:500 units per SKU
Lead Time:8-10 weeks after final artwork approval

Order in 3 Easy Steps:


Pick your item using our stock product formulation, and the corresponding primary packaging.