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TLM offers a streamlined onboarding process for all clients. Your project manager will guide you through every step of the process, including signing a NDA, finalizing pricing and invoicing, and reviewing nutritional fact panels and label compliance.

Launching a Profitable Business

Tenacious Labs Manufacturing - Concept for your Business Idea


It begins with a lightbulb moment. How can you innovate to meet a desire or need before it is even articulated? Our niche is co-creating and fast-tracking category-defining ideas. Concepts that are engineered through a collective of expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

TLM Custom Formulations for Press Pause

Custom Formulations

We define Custom Formulation as a fully customized order, in which you will meet with our product innovation team to develop a product specific for your brand. We take you through a product development process: sourcing the raw ingredients, product testing and formulation, label design, and suggested compliance.

Minimum order quantity: 500 units per SKU
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks after final artwork approval

TLM Private Label Co-Packing for Hoo Raa

Private Label

We define Private Label as any changes made to our base product catalog. Changes allowable are CBD dosage, flavor profiles, warehoused primary packaging changes of stocked items, adding additional ingredients.

Minimum order quantity: 100 units per SKU
Lead Time: 6-8 weeks after final artwork approval

Tenacious Labs Manufacturing White Label Canned Functional Beverages

White Label

We define White Label as utilizing our stock product formulations and corresponding primary packaging. Once you have reviewed and picked your products, your project manager will provide you with a label die line and template to create your label.

Minimum order quantity: varies per SKU
Lead Time: 30 days after final artwork approval

Order in 3 Easy Steps:


Pick your item using our stock product formulation, and the corresponding primary packaging.