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The Benefits of CBD Beverages

CBD beverages are the latest craze in the cannabis industry. Consumers and businesses alike are eager to reap the benefits of these tasty consumables. Easy integration in grocery stores and retail locations have made integration simple for businesses while familiar packaging, widespread accessibility, and tantalizing flavors make for an enjoyable consumer experience, allowing this trend to take off full steam and gain tremendous force in a rapidly growing industry.

If you haven’t already considered adding CBD-infused drinks to your product line or developing your own brand of delicious CBD-beverages, here’s why you should.

CBD Beverages Appeal to Brands and Consumers

Part of the difficulty in starting a CBD brand lies in choosing what products to sell. Selling products that appeal to your targeted audience and align with their wants and needs is vital, but at the same time, differentiating your brand from the competition is equally as critical. Additionally, there’s also the matter of considering the needs of your wholesale partners and retailers, and what they’re able and willing to accommodate. The conundrum then becomes, how can you stand out and fit in at the same?

CBD beverages are an exciting new trend that can set you apart as an industry leader and appeal to your audience and retail partners at the same time. Gain recognition for your brand, further your sales, capitalize on emerging trends, and reach new customers with a tasty beverage line that your audience knows and loves.


One of the reasons that the CBD beverage trend has caught on so quickly is that it’s ultra consumer-friendly. Unlike tinctures, gel capsules, and vape cartridges, everyone buys beverages. While taking CBD in another form may be uncomfortable for some consumers, drinking a CBD-infused beverage feels no different than drinking soda, juice, or tea. CBD beverages are familiar, non-intimidating, and easy for consumers to access because they can be sold in the stores they already visit.

Higher Bioavailability

Another factor that makes this trend so marketable is its potential health benefits. Because these products are made with water-soluble CBD, they’re more bioavailable and more readily absorbed by the human body. Some consumers may find they’re able to achieve the desired effects faster and in stronger force.

Straightforward Integration

Beverages can also be easier to integrate into existing brands and retail locations. Not only are they easier to categorize than tinctures, soft gels, and topicals, many realtors find them easy to sell because they already have the necessary shelving, storage space, and infrastructure that’s required. This is a great selling point for potential wholesalers.

Tenacious Labs White Label CBD Beverages

Trends come and go quickly in the beverage industry. Being able to keep up to date with consumer wants and industry innovations is key to success. Tenacious Labs is an experienced white label CBD provider that is well-versed with the demands of the beverage industry. Our low minimum order requirements, fast turn times, and custom formulation services can help you rapidly transition into new trends and maximize your capital gain.

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