Rest & Digest Gummies
Rest & Digest Gummies
Rest & Digest Gummies

Rest & Digest Gummies

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30ct. Pouch | 30ct. Jar 

Not only designed to assist in getting you to dream world, the addition of CBG targets the digestive process. In addition to a healthy dose of melatonin, we also include lemon balm and California poppy, some of the more popular botanical sleep aids.

All of our gummies are: All-natural, Gluten-free, Vegan

Base Formulation
Active Ingredients:
40mg CA Poppy
40mg Lemon Balm
10mg CBD
10mg CBG
3mg Melatonin

Flavor Options:


Our base formulation has undergone a stringent R&D process with a robust round of formulations to give you the best product of its kind. We never want our customers to feel restricted though, so our team are always happy to talk you through other ingredient options for the best possible outcome for